The Information Research Laboratory is a computational laboratory designed to support a broad variety of research projects in communications, signal processing, multimedia processing, database processing, and computer graphics. Current and recent research projects encompass video and image coding, joint source-channel coding, coded modulation for wireless channels, distributed data mining, signal detection in 2D intersymbol interference, digital sound synthesis and analysis, and computer graphics.

Computational resources of the IRL consist of

  • Eight PC workstations running Linux and Windows XP, including selected stations with AccellGraphics Galaxy OpenGL accelerated 3-D graphics cards or Matrox Millenium 3-D graphics cards.
  • A 60 Gigabyte rate 4/5 RAID array for secure backup.
  • A Linux-based sixteen-node Beowulf cluster connected by a high-speed local network, which is accessible to the department network through a gateway machine.

Attached are the necessary peripherals needed for research in image, video, and signal processing, including

  • scanners
  • printers
  • an SGI O2-based non-linear RAID-based video editing station
  • a Abekas A66 digital video frame store
  • a Betacam SP broadcast-quality videotape recorder with a remote editing console, and
  • a high-speed ATM network with connections to nearby faculty and student offices