The first IRL Meeting of Spring Semester 2016 will be Thursday February 4 from 10:10-11am in EME 54 (the IRL lab). All current and prospective IRL members are invited.

Weekly Meeting

IRL Seminar, Thursdays, 10:10-11am

Call for participation

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IRL Seminar Series

Spring 2016 IRL meetings: Thursdays at 10:10-11AM (see schedule below)

All meetings are in EME 54 (Information Research Lab).

IRL Seminar Spring 2016 Schedule
02/04 First IRL meeting; Doughnut seminar
2/25 Kyle Doty, "Dynamic Resource Allocation in Military Satellite Communications"
3/03 Kyle Doty, "Flag Hidden Markov Models"
3/10 Morteza Mehrnoush, "EXIT Chart Based IRA Code Design for TDMR"
3/17 Spring Break
3/31 Jorge Pires, "Equalization of OFDM ISI/ICI using Iterative Row-Column 2D-ISI Equalizer and Iterative Maximum-Likelihood Equalizer"
4/21 Ameen Buera, "Simulation of On-Chip Wireless Impulse Responses Using FDTD"